The Path of Osiris – Dungeon Master Bundle (290 pieces)

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The perfect set to create huge dungeons ! See description at the bottom of the page for a list of what is included in this bundle.

Our tiles cast in easy to paint fortified sandstone, not low cost gypsum. No need to wash them with chemical before painting since we don’t use any demolding agent (Which make it harder for the mold and us). They can be used unpainted or can be painted to obtain a darker, old-stone look. We offer painted pieces ready to use.

*This product is handmade*
*Remastered version with thicker floor and sharper details*

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Pieces in this set (290) :

  • 32 corner walls
  • 24 diagonal walls
  • 16 sliding door sockets
  • 16 doors
  • 40 walls
  • 20 Floor tiles
  • 16 column tiles
  • 16 half floor tiles
  • 12 straight corridors
  • 4 corner corridor
  • 4 T-junction corridor
  • 4 staircase entrance
  • 4 Large floor tile
  • 4 Obelisk
  • 4 Corner Sarcophagus

+ Throne Room add-on (40 pieces)
+ Corridor Add-on (19 pieces)
+ Decoration add-on Remastered (sphinxes and coffins) (6 pieces)
+ Decoration 2 add-on (stairs, obelisk, Pharaoh) (9 pieces)

*one of the picture is missing some pieces and is showing the first version of the pieces, now they have thicker floors and sharper details*