The Path of Osiris – The Tomb Entrance (Late Pledge)


  • CAD: 50.00 $ - 80.00 $

The Tomb Entrance will ship in Mai 2018

This kit will include many new pieces from our latest kickstarter campaign.

Our tiles cast in easy to paint fortified sandstone, not low cost gypsum. They can be used unpainted or can be painted to obtain a darker, old-stone look. We offer painted pieces ready to use.

*This product is handmade and handpainted*

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Pieces in this set (36) :

Cliff tiles A x 2

Cliff tiles B x 2

Carved statue wall x 2

Carved Door Tile x 1

Larde door panel with carved top stone x 1

Carved Pillard x 4

Sand tiles x 10

Stone Tiles x 5