Here’s some suggestions on how to paint our Path of Osiris pieces with great results

  • Dilute your favorite acrylic paint( we like reddish brown) in water around 1/10 (paint/water) Do some tests since the color and grade of the paint you’re using will affect the results.
  • Use a 1cm wide brush and paint the piece filling each crack and details with the diluted paint.
  • Put down the piece to dry and gently blow on diluted paint accumulations to spread it to your liking but try to leave the most in the cracks and details, do not touch or brush it when its half dry, add more if touch-ups are needed.
  • Let the diluted paint be absorbed and the sandstone details should be revealed. (30~60 minutes)
  • (Optional) You can dip another brush in white or desert paint (undiluted), wipe it repeatedly on paper towel (a lot) and brush the edge and features of the piece swiftly. This dry brushing can add a nice effect to the statues.
  • Seal if you want with a mat finish (spay can low odor) to seal the pieces and preserve their look and help prevent accidental stains (gloss finish is not as pretty and natural in our experience ) .

PS: Some brand of paint do not adsorb the same way into the stone and do not give the same results, the method they used to create the color is to blame :/

The one to the right is our official look.