The Path to El Dorado Fulfillment is Complete, Workshop Temporary Closure

Mikael Uncategorized

Hello longtime backers and newcomer,

We’ve completed fulfillment of the Path to El Dorado kickstarter campaign and website pre-orders. The last 4 boxes will be picked up tomorrow.

We will now close the workshop for a couples months since we will be moving to a new location for our next project so all physical items on our web store are now out of stock with back-orders disabled. OpenLock 3D files will remain available.

It’s been a great adventure and we’ll be back in the following months with new projects in preparation. I’ll be here to answer your emails and messages during that time.

We will do a sale of all overstock and left-over extra on Facebook this week so keep an eye there to get great deals and future updates about our next projects.

Thank you everyone, we hope you’ll have a lot of great gaming nights this summer!


Here’s a great dungeon build by Todd Putnam made with the Path to El Dorado tiles !