The Path to El Dorado Pledge Manager is now live!

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**Come back to this post for updated details and unlocked stretch goals during our pledge manager**

Total Pledged: 74 386$ CAD


  • Damaged Wall Sculpt (Base set)
  • New Door Panel (S.Chamber)
  • El dorado Sculptures Set Addon (to be enabled soon)
  • +1 Special Pillar (Council Hall)
  • +1 Free Stela per pledge !
  • +1 Olmec Head (Sculpture Set)

Please Read

*New Stretch Goals Added*

We’ve added new stretch goals just for the pledge manager ! Including a new add-on to unlock : The El Dorado Sculptures Set !
Which include the new carved Stela , 4 statues the 2 parts chest for $16 CAD (Picture soon)

The updated total pledge amount and unlocked stretch goals will be updated daily for the first week and weekly after that.

You can come back and add more to your pledge anytime you want during summer (Until September 2)

Shipping Price

Shipping price is now calculated with the total shipping weight of your pledge, the weight of some sets was unknown during the campaign and we now have accurate shipping volume by country resulting in a more precise shipping cost estimate. This will result in a shipping fee of $3.74 CAD on the Starter pledge and more on the larger pledge.
We lowered the price of add-ons to adjust to this new shipping system for a more accurate calculation of the shipping cost which will cover a part of the adjusted shipping price.

All pledges outside US and Canada will be treated on a case by case basis once we secure shipping deals with each country we will contact you to refund you any overpaid amount if its the case. This will take place In October this year.

*An error was made and shipping price should have been significantly higher on kickstarter for oversea pledges of Dungeon Master Set & Deluxe Master Set. Included add-ons were were not calculated in the shipping price.*

If you have any question please contact us.

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