Pool of Knowledge + Sculptures Set


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Pool of Knowledge

“This look like an ancient ritual apparatus, yet I detect powerful magic linking¬† all this room together, there might be a way to activate this ancient technology…”

Large carved pool (7 pieces),1 Sacrificial bed, 1 Triangles stairs, 1 dragon brassier tile, large carved stone chest (2 pieces), 1 door panel (unique), 2 statues.

Sculpture set

Olmec Head, 2 Sitting statues, 2 Crocodile Head Statue, 1 Angled head statue, Large chest/sarcophagus (2 pieces), 1 Stela.

*Core pieces only, add as much base sets as you need for the size of dungeon you want*

*Core pieces : Special pieces from a set not present in the Forgotten Temple (base set ) regular walls, floors, etc.

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