Sacrificial Chamber + Pit of Offering


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Sacrificial Chamber

“There is a receptacle in front of each stair surrounded by skulls that must serve some ancient rituals.”

Sacrificial altar, 1 step tile, 4 stairs with blood receptacle, 3 large pillars, 1 Broken pillar, 4 statues (large sitting), 2 door panel with 4 skulls.

Pit of offering

“A mythical creature was sealed at the bottom of this pit, it need frequent offerings to keep it calm and the ancient mechanism that keep the gates closed need to be submerged in mysterious dark liquid to function.”

Includes many different tiles to create unique adventure and extra walls & floors to upgrade any room into a large room.

Contains: 10 chasm floor tiles, 1 pedestal, 1 mechanical apparatus tile, 4 floor tiles forming a large sculpture, 2 door panels (new), 2 statues.

(Total of 36 pieces) *Core pieces only, add as much base sets as you need for the size of dungeon you want*

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